Attempt #2834729 at daily journaling

This is the first of what will hopefully be daily, casual, stream-of-consciousness blogging. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of journaling — I have too many half-used notebooks cluttering my bookshelves to count. But, I have yet to maintain a solid streak of daily writing beyond just a couple days.

When I went to India, I was in second grade and scheduled to miss a lot of school because of the trip. One of my assignments by my well-intentioned teacher was to write every day about my experiences abroad. The first couple pages of my notebook was filled with detailed descriptions and cultural insight by my 7-year-old self, but the rest of the pages were left bare for the rest of my two-month trip.

When I returned, and realized with panic that I had a near empty journal to fill and turn in to my teacher within the next two days, it was absolutely miserable. Jet-lagged and bleary-eyed, I remember going through my dad’s itinerary of my travels, trying to trace back what I was doing each day of my trip to come up with journal entries.

Each post became shorter and shorter in frustration, and the entire project turned into a notebook filled with every possible construction of the sentence, “Played with cousins.”

Hopefully, this attempt will be a little more productive and successful than that unfortunate experience. The goal is to write a post that is not structured, and at least 250 words. This is my promise, in writing to not cop out. No gif articles. No listicles. No links to videos. No double-dipping into past writing, or writing from class. LeT’s dO DiS.