The 6 best travel Instagram accounts to follow

You know you have a serious case of wanderlust when your friend’s sunset-over-airplane-wing Instagram picture just isn’t doing it for you. Instead of creeping through your friends’ old study abroad pictures for the thousandth time, here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for a feed full of fresh travel inspiration to fawn over.

1. @NYTimesTravel: Follow the New York Times Travel account for pictures of global food, culture, architecture and landscapes. NYT Travel’s coolest feature is its short video snapshots called “36 hours in,” which give you a feel for a different city in each post. You’ll definitely add more cities to your bucket list after going through these videos.

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#100HappyDays: A Personal Reflection

On June 21st, I completed the #100happydays challenge on Instagram. Above all else, this challenge proved to me how quickly 100 days can pass. On the whole, there were certain key observations I made of my posts, and what made me happiest. While a lot of these are pretty obvious (name me one person who’s mood isn’t improved by good weather, food, and friends), it was great to recognize the positivity they brought, all the same.

The weather. I feel like this is one of the most underestimated stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. I’ve always identified as the person to love stormy weather– which is easy to do when you spend the majority of the day indoors like in high school. In college however, when you’re trekking across campus in all kinds of weather at all hours of the day, it becomes easy to appreciate a glorious sunny day and moderate temperature. Similarly, it was more difficult to come up with something to post for 100 Happy Days when I was stuck inside for too many hours, so I know that for this upcoming semester I need to make it a point to spend more time outdoors for a mood boost.

Food. Anyone that followed my 100 Happy Days posts on Instagram knows that I posted food a lot. Probably a little too much. Sorrynotsorry. Eating and making good food is great, but I found myself using it as a failsafe if I couldn’t think of anything else “happy” to post for the day. As much as we all love food, I think it’s also a warranted reminder to not use food to cure moments of boredom.

Good company. The posts that were genuinely “happy” were the ones with friends and family– which, I know, seems obvious. But it comes as a good reminder that the company you keep has an incredible impact on you overall mood and general positivity. Even as a self-identified introvert, I realized it was important to remind myself to open up to my closest family and friends, because of the moral and emotional support needed to get through difficult situations and decisions.

For anyone else who’s considering starting the #100HappyDays challenge, I would definitely recommend it. There are some days that it feels pointless, and some days where you end up cheating by using pictures from days past. But on the whole, the experience is great because it forces you to think positive on a consistent, daily basis. One of my favorite blogs, Wait but Why, illustrated beautifully the importance of thinking of happiness and contentment not as “broad brush strokes” of a colorful image, but instead as a single pixel. (Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel) After all, it’s the day by day tedium, the little moments of happiness in each day that make for lasting happiness. Now that I’m back in school, I can use my 100 Happy Days experience to improve my mood on days I feel down, and hopefully make for a productive, successful, and happy semester.

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Following suit of my lovely, fellow Her Campus Blogger Network blogger Shannon, I’ve been inspired to embark on the #100HappyDays Instagram challenge.

Created by Dmitry Golubnichy in November 2013, Golubnichy has had over 350,000 people complete his challenge to post or send in, for 100 consecutive days, one thing that made them happy.

We are constantly bombarded in today’s world by so much cynicism and negativity, that the 100 Happy Days challenge seemed like an incredibly refreshing way to remind myself of the little things in each day that I can be grateful for, which is why I decided to take part. If you’d like to keep up with my posts, follow me on Instagram @antarasinha, and I will also be posting them a week at a time in this gallery.

We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being. –Dmitry Golubnichy

If you’d like to join me on daily excursion into optimism, check out to sign up.

For more good vibes, check out this post I wrote for Her Campus UFL earlier in February, to get through the exam blues!

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What Your Preferred Social Network Says About You

The plethora of social media networks available these days is mind-boggling — and your choice to participate in each of these unique communities can say a lot about your real-life personality. Which one of these addictive apps and websites do you find yourself spending the most time on?

1. Instagram: You consider yourself a pretty artsy, interesting person and may be in need of validation every now and then. You know in your heart that the eleventh post of that #nofilter sunset, the fifth post of your sushi dinner tagged with #foodporn, and the sixth consecutive post of your boyfriend as your #MancrushMonday, are pure, double-tap-worthy gold. Yet, you still experience slight anxiety as you wait for the number of hearts to slowly creep up. Instagram brings out the narcissist in many of us. But don’t worry because we all forgive you, especially when your new puppy shows up on our newsfeed to make our day.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Instagram: The Pictures We’re All Sick of Seeing

Selfie Sunday. Man Crush Monday. Transformation Tuesday. Something about Instagram makes even the most camera-shy individual indulge in narcissistic selfies and over-documented, mundane breakfasts. Over the years, the following cliché posts have cluttered up our news feeds, and I must say: I think we’re ready for them to stop. Here are the seven deadly sins of Instagram as demonstrated by yours truly!

1. Starbucks For Days
Maybe at some point in time, during the early infancy of Instagram, this was cool. But, like all good things, its hipster-esque appeal has come to an end. We all know what a frappuccino looks like. You don’t have to show us with the enhancement of the X-Pro filter.

2. Lookin’ like Lord Voldemort
This is a common result of layering on too may filters to hide that one pimple on your face that no one would’ve noticed anyway. Let’s be real though… A nose-less, overly whitened face is much more noticeable than a teeny dot. It just looks a little creepy and too reminiscent of our favorite mythical villain.

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