7 Ways UF is Like Hogwarts

Admit it. At 11 years old, you were probably secretly waiting for an owl to drop a letter off at your door, allowing you to be whisked away to the one boarding school we all wanted to attend: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although that dream never came true (I’m still convinced my letter never came because of a particularly unreliable owl), college is pretty much the next best thing. Here are seven ways that UF’s campus resembles our favorite fictional school:

1. The Quidditch Pitch is like: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 
Like at Hogwarts, the stadium is where students assemble for some good-natured rivalry and competition. However, while Hogwarts remains stiffly divided on its house loyalties at its Quidditch matches, the Gators come together at sporting events under the common colors of orange and blue.

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What Your Preferred Social Network Says About You

The plethora of social media networks available these days is mind-boggling — and your choice to participate in each of these unique communities can say a lot about your real-life personality. Which one of these addictive apps and websites do you find yourself spending the most time on?

1. Instagram: You consider yourself a pretty artsy, interesting person and may be in need of validation every now and then. You know in your heart that the eleventh post of that #nofilter sunset, the fifth post of your sushi dinner tagged with #foodporn, and the sixth consecutive post of your boyfriend as your #MancrushMonday, are pure, double-tap-worthy gold. Yet, you still experience slight anxiety as you wait for the number of hearts to slowly creep up. Instagram brings out the narcissist in many of us. But don’t worry because we all forgive you, especially when your new puppy shows up on our newsfeed to make our day.

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Battle of the Books: Group Studying vs. Solo Studying

With midterms heading our way, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out the most efficient methods of studying and preparing for those dreaded exams. If you’re debating whether or not to form a study group, here are the pros and cons of both studying in groups and studying alone:

Group Studying


  • You can learn by teaching others, which is one of the best ways to retain new information, while simultaneously helping someone else out.
  • Your study group can hold you accountable for when you get distracted by Facebook during your study session.
  • Study buddies can provide motivation – seeing your peers on top of their assignments and material for the class will make you want to keep up with them.
  • You’re forced to start studying well in advance of an exam instead of cramming everything the day before because you have to schedule times to meet as a group.

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5 Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm at All Times

Put down the Ben & Jerry’s, collegiettes™! Late-night studying can make you crave all things sugary, salty, and greasy. Keep these healthy alternatives on hand in case of emergency, and you’ll never be study-hungry again!

1. Frozen Bananas

Cheap, sweet, creamy, and convenient. Bananas are a fantastic alternative to ice cream. Cut up a couple, and throw them in your freezer. You’ll have a perfect snack that’ll save you a ton of calories (and guilt) the next morning. Eat with a bit of peanut butter or a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

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This post was a top chapter article on Her Campus, on Jan. 15, 2014!

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How to Have Movie Night in Your Dorm

It can be difficult to get comfortable with a group of friends in a cramped dorm room when you’re looking for a chill night in, especially during finals. Here are some of the best gadgets, snacks, and tools to have on hand for the best dorm movie night experience:

1. Viewing
The pocket projector is a great investment if you’re a movie night junkie. Instead of everyone trying to huddle around a laptop, a pocket projector allows the bare cinderblock walls to transform into large-scale theater screen for much more comfortable viewing. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, connect your laptop to a TV using an HMDI cable. Use the TV in your dorm’s common room if you have one, and invite other people on your floor to make it an event for all of you to enjoy together.

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How to Make the Most of Your Campus Commute During Finals

Finals week may not start for another seven days, but that doesn’t mean the stress is nowhere to be found. For those of us who have long commutes to campus, scrolling through Instagram or jamming out to “Gas Pedal” for the 500th time each morning begins to feel like a mundane routine that makes inefficient use of valuable time. Here are some ways to max your productivity and make the most out of the time you spend getting to and from class, regardless of how you get there:


  • Download an audio lecture to your phone to listen to while you walk to class. If your school doesn’t provide them, check out resources like iTunes U that allow you to download video and audio lectures on every topic for free from thousands of different colleges and universities around the world.
  • Get in a jog: if you normally have a 15-minute walk from class back to your dorm, dress in comfy workout clothes to turn this commute into a dose of cardio exercise. It is not only a quick workout, but it’s also a great way to relieve finals-week stress and take a break from the books.

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No Shave November: What Do Collegiettes Really Think?

While many collegiettes™ think of “No Shave November” as a guys’ excuse to be extra lazy for a month, there’s an actual purpose to this seasonal trend. A fundraiser by the American Cancer Society, “No Shave November” was designed to increase awareness for men’s health issues like prostrate cancer because it follows October, which is dedicated to women’s health.

But what do collegiettes™ really think of this trend among guys? The consensus is mixed.

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