5 Benefits of Having Early classes

Maybe you were late for class registration; maybe it was the only section available; or maybe you actually made a conscious decision to schedule your classes earlier in the day. Whatever the reason may be, you’re stuck with early classes. There are going to be mornings when your alarm goes off and you can’t even fathom getting out of bed, but take a look on the bright side of things. Here are some of the benefits of being a morning lark to motivate you to get out of bed and embody the proverbial early bird:

1. Better grades in school
According to a 2008 study at a Texas University, students who identified themselves as a morning people received an average 3.5 GPA, which was a full point higher than the 2.5 GPA of their night owl counterparts. That’s a pretty stark difference for a study that surveyed more than 800 students! All of you collegiettes™ stuck with early labs and lectures can wake up each morning knowing that the chances for success in school are statistically in your favor.

2. Higher mental stability
According to a Harvard researcher in a 2010 study, morning people were described as more agreeable, optimistic, proactive, conscientious, and satisfied with life. Meanwhile, evening people were described as pessimistic, neurotic, and depressed. With the stress of classes, exams, work, and other obligations, all of us could use a little more optimism in our life!

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Dirty Laundry: Otherwise known as the 21 previously unforeseeable side-effects of joining a dance team

  1. Perpetual, debilitating soreness in places you didn’t even know you had muscles.
  2. Inability to clamber onto the awkward height beds in the Hume dorms due to said soreness.
  3. Actually considering sleeping on the floor because of above reason.
  4. Mountainous accumulation of dirty, sweaty laundry that you keep saying you’ll take care of, but “lol yolo” tends to take precedence.
  5. Trying to dress a least a little bit cute for the first couple of practices,
  6. But realize that these days you only spend 5 frantic minutes trying to find at least a clean t-shirt before rehearsal.

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