Pictorial Analysis of Freshman Year Occurrences with Real Quantifiable Data (lol jk)

I know, it feels way too early to even begin wrapping up freshman year. But, with UF acceptances for the class of ’18 already out, as well as future Honors Program students awaiting acceptances, it definitely feels like we are getting pushed out of our “freshman baby gator” status at an alarming pace. So, in honor of said nostalgia, here is a compilation of the tips, advice, and #realtalk that I wish someone had given me before I came to college, for the benefit of all of the future freshies. After extensive research, I bequeath upon thee the data that gives you the run-down on the actual freshman experience. If you’d like to see all of the algorithms I developed and raw data I acquired, you can check it out here.


Humility is what will save you a lot of grief as you try to navigate the ridiculously large community of the many passionate, dedicated, and accomplished people on campus. If you keep trying to compare and rank yourself among them, you will always feel inadequate. Sounds crazy depressing, but I promise, it can honestly be a good thing. I am always so proud of, and motivated by the accomplishments of my peers, and just seeing the possibilities and opportunities that are available to students like us is such an empowering experience.

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6 UF student organizations you probably haven’t heard about

Students here in Gainesville have heard it time and time again: UF has more than 900 student clubs and organizations! But how is one to select from this plethora of choice? Not to worry. I’ve gone through them all to highlight 6 of the most unique clubs you probably haven’t heard about:

1. Gator Tea Society 
Are you passionate about tea? Were you the girl who would host daily imaginary tea parties as a child? Your dream is about to come true. With emphasis on good conversation and exploration of the unique history of this drink, the Gator Tea Society is a great way to relax with a group of people who have similar taste.

2. Florida Paintball Team 
With the option of recreational or tournament style teams, the Florida Paintball Team is a an exciting way to compete in a particularly unique and exhilarating sport. Members of any experience level are encouraged to join and there are weekly meetings. If you’ve never paintballed before, this is a great way to get started.

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