University of Florida issues warning after Twitter threats

The University of Florida received 15 simultaneous Twitter messages Tuesday evening with the threat, “Im gonna shoot up the college tomorrow.”

In a campus-wide alert sent by email at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, the University of Florida Police Department said the threat is “general in nature” and that the “credibility of the threat is considered to be low at this time.”

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Pentz lives in housing through Southern Scholarship Foundation

Dinner at Hansen is homemade lasagna prepared in a communal kitchen by the students themselves – a stark contrast to the infamous dining hall grub that other college students at UF are eating.

Ansley Pentz feels right at home.

Pentz, a 19-year-old journalism sophomore from Chiefland, Florida, doesn’t hesitate in the slightest to call her 16 other housemates family. Living in Hansen, one of nine houses in Gainesville that are part of the Southern Scholarship Foundation, she couldn’t be happier with her housemates and the warm, home-like atmosphere the program provides.

“It’s so nice to come home to smiling faces,” Pentz said. “I love having someone to share things with.”

SSF provides rent-free housing to students across Florida with financial need and academic merit. Gainesville has nine houses: three for men and six for women.

The houses are a much more intimate setting than the standard dorm or apartment-style housing – possibly setting the state for quarrels and disputes. Pentz disagreed.

“Overall, the experience is really good because people are so carefully selected,” Pentz said. She emphasized however, that the house rules keep everyone in check.

“I really rejoice in the rules,” Pentz said. “I know I can come home to a safe, nice environment.”

After an extensive application process, Pentz toured the home before her freshman year and felt that the program would be a good fit. But, taking the plunge into communal living with 16 other people, Pentz had her hesitations initially.

“It was a little daunting at first because you’re living with all of these strangers,” Pentz said. But she quickly acclimated to the experience and became close with many of the women – bonding over similar majors and life experiences.

“I definitely Facebook stalked everyone first though,” Pentz said.


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Why Being a Sophomore is Better Than Being a Freshman, as told by Harry Potter

Although the beginning of freshman year was riddled with anxiety, stress and unrealistic expectations, I can say from personal experience that sophomore year is a major improvement in all aspects of college life. Here are just a few of the things that make sophomore year so much sweeter:

1. Sophomores already have a group of friends to come back to. 
Freshman year was full of introductions, cheesy icebreakers and pressure to immediately become best friends with everyone you met, but sophomore year is not. There’s already an established group of friends whom you love and have seen through the best and worst times. Although there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people and see new faces, sophomore year comes with the comfort of having people around that we’re already close to.

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A Freshman’s Guide to UF Involvement

It’s your first week at UF, and one walk through Turlington Plaza leaves you struggling to hold on to the dozens of fliers hastily shoved in your face, and bulletin boards around campus are a haphazard collage of neon papers. You know you need to start getting involved, but don’t know where to start. Not to worry, new collegiettes™! Here’s your all-inclusive guide to the do’s and don’ts of involvement, student organizations and extracurriculars in The Gator Nation.

DO join a club that has a group of people you feel you could get comfortable with. 
Involvement outside of the classroom is going to be a way to connect with people who have similar interests or career goals. Seek out groups that would not only provide a support system, but also push you to be your best with some healthy motivation. Steer clear of clubs and groups that pressure you into activities you don’t feel comfortable with, make you feel inadequate or that you just don’t click with. Your involvement should be a positive experience!

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7 Ways UF is Like Hogwarts

Admit it. At 11 years old, you were probably secretly waiting for an owl to drop a letter off at your door, allowing you to be whisked away to the one boarding school we all wanted to attend: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although that dream never came true (I’m still convinced my letter never came because of a particularly unreliable owl), college is pretty much the next best thing. Here are seven ways that UF’s campus resembles our favorite fictional school:

1. The Quidditch Pitch is like: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 
Like at Hogwarts, the stadium is where students assemble for some good-natured rivalry and competition. However, while Hogwarts remains stiffly divided on its house loyalties at its Quidditch matches, the Gators come together at sporting events under the common colors of orange and blue.

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A Guide to UF Panhellenic Recruitment

Panhellenic Recruitment is finally here! From now until Bid Day on August 27, the Gator Nation’s 16 Panhellenic chapters will be searching for their newest pledge classes. We know recruitment can be really intimidating, especially for you baby Gators, so we put together a quick guide to all 16 Panhellenic chapters at UF to help get you get acquainted with them beforehand. Good luck, collegiettes™, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Nickname: Alpha Chi or AChiO
National Philanthropy: G.I. Alpha Chi, benefitting Peaceful Paths Domestic Violence Center
Colors: Scarlett red and olive green
Symbol: Lyre
Mascot: Peacock
Motto: “Together, let us seek heights”

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You Know You’re an Awkward Gator When…

If you’re a UF student, you’ve most likely encountered at least a few of these circumstances during your day-to-day life on campus. Although, they’re not entirely avoidable, we should all acknowledge their existence and collectively sympathize over how cringe-worthy these situations are. You know you’re an awkward Gator when…

You walk through North Lawn and have to pretend that a near-death incident with a speeding bicycle didn’t just give you a heart attack.

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