What is Going on in Maroon 5’s “Animals” Music Video?

Maroon 5’s new music video for its song “Animals” takes the cliché line “looking at someone like a piece of meat” to a literal, beyond creepy level. The video depicts Adam Levine as a butcher-by-day, stalker-by-night character who “pursues” Behati Prinsloo’s character, taking photos of her and following her without her knowledge. The video’s angsty backdrop is Levine’s character doing pull-ups in a darkened slaughterhouse surrounded by bloody cow carcasses. The dramatic and visually jarring climax of the video is Levine’s character sneaking into the woman’s house and lying in her bed while she’s asleep, fantasizing about having sex with her while gallons of blood rain down on them. I’m sorry, what? How is it possible that the numerous people involved in the production of this video were all okay with this concept?

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Picture source: i.ytimg.com

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