5 Ways to Avoid the UF Plague

Cooler weather is in the air, but with it comes something much more unpleasant: the UF plague. If you haven’t been taken as a victim yourself, you most likely know at least a couple people who have. Here are some pointers and reminders on how to arm yourself against this seasonal inconvenience:

1. Wash your hands often 
As intuitive as this sounds, we could all use the reminder. You touch so many things throughout the day with your hands that other people have come in contact with too. Door knobs, faucets, money, tabletops and even the escalator at Library West are all touched by hundreds of students each day, which makes them prime surfaces for the spread of viruses and bacteria. To do it right, wash your hands and wrists for a full 20 seconds with warm water and soap. If a sink or soap is unavailable, hand sanitizer that has an alcohol content of more than 60 percent works great as well. Don’t worry. Your Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers contain a full 68 percent.

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Picture source: i.huffpost.com

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