5 Pointless Social Media Campaigns

Social media, without a doubt, can incite real and powerful change. From starting revolutionary democratic movements around the world to educating people about real issues, the past few years have been testaments to the power of websites like Twitter and Facebook. However, the number of causes invading our news feeds is becoming exhausting, as people share, like, and comment on content that makes them feel as if their clicks are actually contributing to some greater change. This trend has given rise to the term “slacktivism,” which refers to the lazy, noncommittal attempts at social activism. Here are a few recent trends to not waste your time with:

“If this picture gets 1 million likes/shares/comments, this baby can receive a necessary life-saving surgery!” 
If you’re an active participant on Facebook, it’s nearly impossible to escape seeing one of these posts. Spoiler alert: None of these campaigns work. Unless the post provides a link to a reputable charity where you can donate money to support the cause, your sympathy “like” is unfortunately not going to have any affect on any child’s life. If you feel passionate about a cause, the way to help would be to donate to the charity yourself. But, before you donate your hard-earned cash, please take the extra couple minutes to verify the charity for its validity and efficiency on websites like Charity Navigator. This allows you to see how much of your money actually ends up helping the individuals in need instead of going straight to administrative costs.

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Picture source: postgradproblems.com

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