7 Weird Apps You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“There’s an app for that,” is a gospel truth for our generation. From apps that tell you the best time to get up during a movie for a restroom break to ones that threaten to publicly humiliate you when you miss out on a gym day, it feels like the App Store has your back in any situation. However, because of the sheer number of apps out there – as of October 2013, there are more than 1 million – there are bound to be a few strange ones. Here are some of the weirdest apps I found:

1. iVoodoo ($2.99): If you’ve ever felt the need to covertly curse your enemies with bodily harm, this app is for you. The app supports up to five dolls at one time and lets you choose pins and the location at which you’d like to stick ‘em. If you’re a well-wisher, fret not because you can also choose to stick your chosen dolls with positive vibes, such as power, success, and love.


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