5 Documentaries You Need to Watch After Blackfish

Chances are you’ve watched Blackfish, the thrilling and highly controversial documentary about the lives of performing killer whales. This incredibly passionate film touched millions of viewers. Its message was so influential that the state of California proposed legislation that would make it illegal to hold orca whales in captivity for display or breeding. If you’re new to the genre of documentaries, here are five other films to put at the top of your must-watch list:

1. The Cove (2009)
What it’s about: Filmed covertly in Taiji, Japan, against the wishes of the local government, The Cove exposes the massive dolphin trade and the slaughter and inhumane treatment the animals are subjected to. Before this movie, Japanese locals were unaware of the high-mercury contaminated dolphin meat that they regularly ate. The deplorable condition of dolphins in captivity is something most people around the world are still unaware of.

Why you should care: Aquariums, zoos, and dolphin performance shows are things we’re all familiar with and have come to know and love; however, unbeknownst to many, when we choose to buy tickets, we’re also supporting and actively voting for the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals that are often forcibly taken into captivity from their natural habitat. Watch The Cove, and you won’t ever want to be part of the fuel for this demand again.

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Picture source: theorcaproject.files.wordpress.com

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