7 Game of Thrones characters we should emulate in the new year and new semester

Game of Thrones is awesome for so many reasons, but mostly because of its gloriously complex and powerful characters. After an epic (and slightly unhealthy) binge through all three seasons of Game of Thrones this winter break, each of these memorable characters have some of my favorite fictional characters to date. Here are some of their traits we should all resolve to cultivate in the new year, and new semester.

  1. Sansa Stark‘s poise in the face of fire. Sansa gets a lot of criticism for her “passiveness” in the series, especially when compared to her sister Arya’s struggles. But here’s the thing: Sansa’s quiet strength is the sole reason that she’s survived for so long, literally living in the house of her enemies. Outspokenness has its place, but knowing when to keep quiet and wait out a storm–that has its merits too, as Sansa’s survival has proved. We should all take a page out of Sansa’s book, and resolve to take time out to pause and quietly asses our situation before speaking or acting, instead of blindly trudging forward.
  2. Danaerys Targaryen‘s compassionate fierceness. Dany is lyk srsly my fave tho. Danaerys proves countless times that compassion and morality do not have to be compromised by strong, passionate, and fierce leadership. Just as Sansa knows when to remain silent, Dany knows when to speak her mind and be heard, whether in the face of injustice, or for the betterment of her people. That type of unfailing morality is something we should all aspire to have.
  3. Cersei Lannister‘s social networking skills. Ok I know that Cersei is borderline sociopathic. But you have to admit: Cersei is the epitome of effective pseudo-medieval-era social networking. Always having people to call on to help you towards success– isn’t that the definition? So much of her success has depended solely on carefully selected confidants, allies, and insiders with whom she’s created a strong relationship (albeit by blackmail, coercion, and death threats…) This new year, we should all resolve to make good connections, not only virtual but irl, and build an arsenal of good mentors teachers and guidance to get through the upcoming years of applications, letters of rec, and budding careers. No death threats though, please.

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