Thankfulness and other seasonally relevant topics

We celebrate “Thanksgiving” with a night of gluttony and 4500 calories. Here’s to taking out a few minutes, prior food-coma, to focus on what really matters tonight: what I’m thankful for.

  1. For Jennifer Lawrence, being a flawless human being in every single way.
  2. For the smell that bread makes as it rises.
  3. For warm clothes.
  4. For whatever divine power that intervened that other night I went to buy an ice cream sandwich from a vending machine, and it gave me THREE sandwiches for the price of one, thereby reinstating my faith in a higher being. (Like, lol wut)
  5. For David Tennant agreeing to be part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, making it well worth all of the hype and anticipation.
  6. For colors.
  7. For Orlando Bloom in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  8. For Anderson Cooper and his giggle.
  9. For every single mentor, teacher, professor I’ve ever had, from pre-K, to today, that has known when to boost my self-esteem, and when to deflate my over-inflated ego.
  10. For books.


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