What You Wear On Campus And What It Says About You

What students wear to class depends so much on the campus vibe and climate, and at UF, we’re definitely blessed/cursed (depending on your opinion) with an extremely casual, comfortable atmosphere. That being said, there are deviants from this trend who can be seen everywhere across campus.

Here’s what the clothes you wear to class say about you:

1. Business Attire — If you’re wearing heels, a full face of makeup, and/or impeccably groomed and styled hair today, it might mean one or more of the following:

  • You have a presentation or interview later that day
  • You’re a business major or in the J-school
  • You want to wake up seven hours before class each morning to put yourself together.

Kudos for putting in the effort. As we all stumble bleary eyed to class each morning, you’re definitely an object of envy. However, take it easy every now and then! We’re lucky to have such a casual culture here at UF, and no one will look down upon you if you exchange that pencil skirt for a pair of comfy jeans.

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This post was a top chapter article on Her Campus, on Nov. 20, 2013!

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