The 7 Deadly Sins of Instagram: The Pictures We’re All Sick of Seeing

Selfie Sunday. Man Crush Monday. Transformation Tuesday. Something about Instagram makes even the most camera-shy individual indulge in narcissistic selfies and over-documented, mundane breakfasts. Over the years, the following cliché posts have cluttered up our news feeds, and I must say: I think we’re ready for them to stop. Here are the seven deadly sins of Instagram as demonstrated by yours truly!

1. Starbucks For Days
Maybe at some point in time, during the early infancy of Instagram, this was cool. But, like all good things, its hipster-esque appeal has come to an end. We all know what a frappuccino looks like. You don’t have to show us with the enhancement of the X-Pro filter.

2. Lookin’ like Lord Voldemort
This is a common result of layering on too may filters to hide that one pimple on your face that no one would’ve noticed anyway. Let’s be real though… A nose-less, overly whitened face is much more noticeable than a teeny dot. It just looks a little creepy and too reminiscent of our favorite mythical villain.

(For full post, click here.)

This post was a top chapter article on Her Campus, on Nov. 11, 2013!

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