The 5 Professors You’ll Have Your Freshman Year

It goes without saying that the professors you have can shape your experience in a class entirely.
Here are the 5 types you’re likely to encounter and how to deal with them:

1. The Intellectual
This professor is crazy smart in his or her field, whether it’s mastering a ridiculous number of languages or their enthusiasm and devotion toward their subject. Gushing through every lecture they give, The Intellectual has the amazing ability to make you excited about what they’re teaching each and every class. Although they may not be the most approachable of your professors, they’re definitely the most connected, so hit up those office hours!

2. The Goofball
The Goofball is probably one of the few professors you’ll have that’ll put in an effort to make each class entertaining. They somehow manage to throw in random pop-culture references that’ll be funny and keep you awake in class, but they do tend to go off-topic on a regular basis during their lecture. Make sure to keep up with your reading so that you stay ahead of the curve and know all of the material in time for the exam.

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