Existential Crisis-ing, My Visit Home, and why Honors Advisors are Da Bomb Dot Com

If my day-to-day conversations of the past week were to be monitored NSAtwitter-style, #ExistentialCrisis would be the number one trending topic, hands down. The crisis is real, as I’m sure my fellow honors students can attest to. My high-school-self used to scoff at friends in college that would complain about said internal conflict, accusing them of being melodramatic and ungrateful–partially because of my naive overconfidence, and partially because college looked too damn fun from the eyes of a pimply, brace-faced high schooler eager to break free from the bridle of school bells and awkwardness.

However, a week ago, after a particularly inspiring/panic-inducing talk about the plethora of scholarships, internships, theses, study abroad ops, research, leadership, community service… etc. etc. available, the panic began to set in. How can I fit all of this into four years? Do I even know for sure what I want to study?  Where am I going to be in the next 10 years? Why can’t I just be a hermit and live in the woods? asdfjk;hOw dO I LIFE?

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This was the most viewed post of all time, on the UF Honors: The First Year blog! (Oct. 8, 2013)

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