On feeling overwhelmed, blue, and other sad tales of Freshman Week #4

Guys, it’s actually happening. The newness is wearing off, the tiredness is settling in, campus doesn’t feel that big anymore, and exams are actually a thing now. The realization that, wait, we’re not on a no-parents-allowed temporary romp into adulthood, and that responsibility is actually a thing that exists — it’s rough after almost a month of dining-hall-chocolate-chip-cookie-fueled, wide-eyed, naive excitement to fall into an actual routine of taking out the trash and doing laundry and maintaining deadlines and studying. Bleh.

I actually had to stay up until 2:00 am last night/morning. And not because of tumblr, or cat videos, or rage against humanity for the Miss America 2014 /twitter debacle, or even the Doctor Who 50th anniversary speculations (Whovians unite!), but because of the horror known to all pre-med freshman called “Gen Chem 1.” Seriously, does anyone feel ready for that exam?

(For full post, click here)

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