6 UF student organizations you probably haven’t heard about

Students here in Gainesville have heard it time and time again: UF has more than 900 student clubs and organizations! But how is one to select from this plethora of choice? Not to worry. I’ve gone through them all to highlight 6 of the most unique clubs you probably haven’t heard about:

1. Gator Tea Society 
Are you passionate about tea? Were you the girl who would host daily imaginary tea parties as a child? Your dream is about to come true. With emphasis on good conversation and exploration of the unique history of this drink, the Gator Tea Society is a great way to relax with a group of people who have similar taste.

2. Florida Paintball Team 
With the option of recreational or tournament style teams, the Florida Paintball Team is a an exciting way to compete in a particularly unique and exhilarating sport. Members of any experience level are encouraged to join and there are weekly meetings. If you’ve never paintballed before, this is a great way to get started.

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