Germany, college, turning 18, and other bloggable things I have yet to blog about

After a whirlwind month of August, that was comprised of a fabulous two week excursion to Germany, and a high-octane and momentous move to the University of Florida, things have finally settled down into a steady flow of new experiences and excitement, instead of the constant torrent of the previous weeks.

Germany was an irreplaceable experience as I learned to understand the term “culture shock” in its full capacity. Check out my gallery of my sights and seeings here.

College is amazing. No but really. I can understand the hype and the buildup and excitement of all of the upperclassmen before me. Three weeks in, and it feels like I’ve been living this life for years.

Turning 18 was great. Probably one of the more simple birthdays I’ve had, which mostly comprised of eating and shopping and new friends, but it was lovely and one of the most enjoyable.

Can’t wait to start writing more regularly, and seriously, as things settle down into the the low buzz of chaos that will be freshman year!

– Antara

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